Only minor changes to school district warrant

Voters get the final say in March

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
February 05, 2014
ALTON — An especially low turnout was the biggest thing that came out of the Alton School District Deliberative session that was held on Saturday, Feb. 1, at the Prospect Mountain High School.

Less than 60 registered voters attended the deliberative session, and by the end of the meeting that last lasted nearly three hours, during a secret ballot only 33 voters were in attendance, with many of them sitting atop the stage.

A total of 16 articles were discussed and there wasn't much discussion on any of the articles in particular.

Chair Sandy Wyatt thanked the budget committee for their efforts and the efforts of her fellow school board members and those in attendance at the deliberative meeting.

Member Steve Miller gave a lengthy explanation on why he supported the $4 million dollar renovation of Alton Central School and why he supported the teachers' contract.

The mistakes made on the Prospect Mountain High School roof were discussed. The architect on the building, Chip Krause, actually left the deliberative session prior to the discussion of the warrant article calling for $500,000 from each town to put a metal roof down on top of the shingle roof.

The shingles on the roof were installed using the wrong size nails and it was pointed out that this resulted in the warranty for the shingles being voided.

Loring Carr, a representative on the budget committee and the Chairman of the Alton Board of Selectmen wanted to point out the fact that Krause left the deliberative session prior to the discussion of the issues with the roof.

The warrant article calling for $10,000 for the professional development expendable trust fund was reduced to $1 using a secret ballot. The result of the vote was 19-14.

The budget committee didn't support the above warrant article, but otherwise they are on the same page as the school board with the warrant articles.

The budget committee's recommended bottom-line budget total is $13,425,029, and the Alton School Board held a meeting after the deliberative session to adjust its budget to the same amount. The school board's previous budget was $13,450,029, $25,000 more than the budget committee's recommendation.

The reason for the difference is because the budget committee didn't think the domain renaming project that involves the school's internal active directory domain and affects all of its critical servers, including phones and access control systems would be completed this year, therefore the committee didn't want the money in the budget for this year. It is a complex project that will need to be done in a way to also minimize down time.

The 17 warrant articles discussed during the deliberative session will voted by the townspeople on Tuesday, March 11, with the polls open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at Prospect Mountain High School.

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