PMHS board split on proposed budget

$7.3 million proposed budget approved by slim 4-3 vote

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
January 22, 2014
ALTON — The Prospect Mountain High School provided in recommendations on the warrant articles and a final bottom line number for the budget for next year during its meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 14.

The meeting was held at the Alton Town Hall so that members of the Alton School Board could meet with the Alton Budget Committee to discuss the final budget numbers for Alton Central and Prospect Mountain High School.

The board discussed the cuts recommended by the JMA Joint Budget Committee, which only totaled $7,500. Member Steve Miller felt the $2,500 cut from the budget for water testing should be added back into the budget.

The board voted by a vote of 4-3 to accept the final bottom line budget totaling $7,362,577, with Miller, Terri Noyes and Krista Argiropolis, the vice-chair, voting against and Chair Eunice Landry, Keith Couch, Kathy Grillo and Sandy Wyatt voting for the number.

The board discussed the warrant articles and Miller voiced his concern about putting $50,000 towards the Improvement of Instruction Fund. He felt this amount was too high a dollar figure. He made a motion to zero out the dollar figure or remove the article, but no second was received.

He also questioned the article regarding Maintenance Trust Fund number two.

The board voted by a vote of 5-1 to approve the warrant article regarding Improvement of Instruction Fund, with Miller opposed.

The board unanimously approved articles with votes of 6-0 (with Argiropolis not in attendance as she was meeting with the Alton Budget Committee) regarding the contingency fund for utilities at the high school, athletics field trust fund, a pair of articles for the maintenance trust fund and a warrant article for the repair of the roof.

The board approved the minutes of the Dec. 3 board meeting.

The board approved a new program of studies for 2014-2015 school year as provided by Principal J Fitzpatrick. He explained that there are some new offerings and some name changes to current course offerings.

The board also approved a technology plan for 2014 through 2017 as presented by Jason Hills, the IT supervisor.

The board approved a maternity leave request from Samantha Bravar from March until June of this year and accepted the resignation with regret of Kerry Fitzpatrick as volleyball coach.

The next scheduled meeting of the Prospect Mountain High School Board is on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 6:30 p.m. in the Prospect Mountain High School library.

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