Board discusses Borgia's retirement

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
December 11, 2013
ALTON — The Barnstead Board of Selectmen met on Tuesday, Nov. 26, and discussed maintenance of a police cruiser, budget items and the police chief's retirement.

The board approved for Police Ken Borgia to transfer his iPhone to his wife's plan when he retires on Dec. 31. The board will request a more inclusive police statistic report, which originates from Belknap County Dispatch. The board will require a full inventory to be completed by the chief before he leaves.

Vice-chair Dave Kerr reported the budget for the transfer station has reduced by one employee, the incentive line is reduced to $1 and that the bottom line will remain the same.

John Savage, of the Barnstead Fire Association, notified the board that they are selling the 1954 five-ton military truck and because it is a three-axle vehicle, it requires a title. There was one issued in 1996, but it wasn't sent to the town hall and the board will acquire a new title.

Jim Kidder presented an estimate to replace the transmission on the 2007 police cruiser, which has 58,000 miles on it. The board discussed the issue and determined it was better to fix the cruiser. The board approving having Kidder fix the transmission at a cost of $2,464.27. Kidder also provided Chair Priscilla Tiede with a pamphlet regarding waste oil from a company that pays $.65 a gallon, and they pick it up.

Carole Locke addressed the board about the town report and asked to retain the current vendor. Member Gordon Preston stated the seven-town group tried to combine the price but it didn't work out. The board discussed including the school for the 2015 report. The board approved to stay with Town and Country Reprographics to print the town report.

The board approved a change to the medical and dental coverage for Jan. 1, with a $20 co-pay.

The board began discussing the budget and discussed the library appropriation distribution. Karen Montgomery, the selectmen's secretary, will send a letter to the trustees.

The board decided to purchase a new cruiser for next year, but will support in-car video systems. Other approved requests were for repairs to the Depot Street Bridge, Hannah Nutter Bridge, the lease purchase of the wheeled excavator and the testing of the current Emergency Operations Plan, which is 100 percent reimbursable. The board doesn't support a request to reapply for the exhaust grant and further agreed that the revenues to the Fire Rescue Vehicles Special Revenue Fund from the ambulance operations will remain at 40 percent, and not increase to 80 percent as request by the fire chief.

The board agreed to fund most of the capital reserves and expendable trusts but determined not to support Fire Chief Mark Tetreault's request to put $150,000 into the fire rescue expendable trust. Kerr felt strongly that the board should increase the amount of monies going into the Bridge Capital Reserve Fund. Nancy Mayville, of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, offered to have one of the engineers look at the bridges in town. Kerr pointed out that some bridges need repairing and some are on the red list or close to it. Member Jim Barnard would like to keep pursuing the construction of a new town hall.

Tiede felt the town should continue to buy old state trucks rather than new ones. Bill Haynes, a State Trooper, would like to inspect the fire engines, as inspections are one of his functions. Kerr said he spoke with Chichester about the frame issue on their engine, which is the same issue with the Barnstead engine. They told Kerr that the manufacturer is installing new rails even though it is out of warranty. Kerr requested to see the paperwork on the town's engine. He wanted to know the status of the highway generator and Montgomery will contact Shawn Mulcahy, the Emergency Management Director, about the issue.

Montgomery presented the board with several request for funding from various agencies. A list will be composed for the board to review. Locke suggested raising the limits for the elderly exemption and provided documentation on what other towns do.

Kerr spoke about how the town should address paving, culverts and drainage. Kerr suggested the town should keep up with the paved roads that are in decent shape and not waste money on repaving the ones that need the proper ditching, drainage and other work. Bryan Locke submitted an estimate of $14,962 for the Depot Street Bridge for work to be done in 2014 and the town received an offer to purchase land across from J.J. Goodwin's, but the board doesn't wish to pursue this at this time.

Montgomery discussed an e-mail from the fire chief about the chain of command and it was pointed out that several things were cited in the e-mail that the chief doesn't have the authority to do. One area of concern was that Tetreault said anyone discussing the fire department at the selectmen's meeting is in violation of the chain of command. Preston and Tiede would like the attorney to be contacted and the board wished to draft a letter to Tetreault.

Barnard reported that the Pittsfield Fire Association 911 reflective signs are being sold for $198, which includes 25 signs. The signs are distributed and the association accepts a donation. The cost of each sign is $7.92, and the board wondered if the historical society, the Boy Scouts, the American Legion or some other town group might be interested in taking on the project. Barnard asked about the evidence room at the police department, and Montgomery said the department has until the end of the month to complete the project. Montgomery will contact to set up password and other security for the new security cameras at the highway and police buildings.

The Barnstead Board of Selectmen meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the Barnstead Town Hall.

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