Insurance rates going up in Barnstead

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
November 20, 2013
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Board of Selectmen met on Tuesday, Nov. 12, and met with insurance representatives, talked to the fire chief, addressed issues at the Barnstead Business Park and reviewed items in the 2014 budget during its meeting.

Board members met with representatives regarding insurance and were told that insurance rates would be going up. A deadline for changes in insurance is Nov. 30. Updated information on insurance rates was distributed to board members.

Fire Chief Mark Tetreault met with the board and Chair Priscilla Tiede questioned the chief about firefighters who recently attended a funeral. Tetreault said the employees were reassigned for their shift, and they were gone for 14 hours.

Upon returning from the funeral, which was out of town, one of the employees finished their shift and others used vacation time for the remainder of the shift.

Members of the board questioned the policy regarding this issue and Tiede said the policy could be changed to allow to pay staff up to eight hours.

Ed Dudek and Jeff Green came before the board to get information on delays on businesses at the Barnstead Business Park. Dudek and Green were disappointed with the actions of the fire chief regarding approval of businesses in the business park.

Green felt that completed plans had been submitted but the fire chief hadn't approved them and wanted to know what the hold up was.

Five businesses have been approved through the planning board, and Green said he received a call from the architect on the project saying the fire chief had contacted him and Green was upset that he wasn't contacted.

Tetreault explained that stamped plans from an engineer needed to be submitted and he hadn't received plans fitting that criteria regarding any of the proposed businesses.

Tetreault pointed to the example of a daycare center as an example of plans that are missing many details that are required.

Green told the board he would like to meet with the fire chief to get moving on the businesses. Temporary occupancy permits were issued for a pellet company and an automotive repair shop that are already in business. In addition, plans have been approved by the planning board for a pre-school, a trucking company and a fabrication company.

Tetreault said that in the eyes of building code, the buildings are new uses. He said Green could appeal to the state fire marshal's office if he disagreed with his opinion. Member Jim Barnard suggested that Tetreault, Green and the architect on the project should sit down and work out what needs to be submitted.

The owner of the pre-school was upset about the time it was taking for the plans to be approved.

Green felt the fire chief wasn't making the process easy and felt he provided more details on what needed to be done.

Member Gordon Preston offered to sit in on the talks between the parties, but Tetreault felt this would be inappropriate.

The board reviewed the payroll and weekly manifest and tabled approving the minutes of the Nov. 5 meeting.

The board reviewed several budget items including: the planning board, the zoning board of adjustment, the Master Plan, the police and fire department, town buildings, the building inspector and emergency management.

The Barnstead Board of Selectmen meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the Barnstead Town Hall.

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