IT committee makes recommendations to selectmen

November 13, 2013
NEW DURHAM — Information technology (IT) committee member Rudy Roisello met with the New Durham Board of Selectmen during its Nov. 4 meeting to present them with an interim report regarding the committee's recommendations to the town.

Roisello, who is also on the budget committee, informed the board that the IT committee is very concerned over the lack of security in the town's data network.

This concern is amplified when it comes to the town linking into the state's site online.

"I am aware of an IRS site getting hacked, certain things do not give you the same protection on an even base," said Roisello.

Roisello spoke with the board about getting new servers and not allowing data to leave the town hall.

He suggested that most employees could have a mouse, monitor and keyboard set up, which would cost around $80 per person, and they could work remotely from the servers.

It would be up to the board to determine if an employee needs a laptop.

Roisello stated he had not yet been able to meet with the various department heads, but he was interested in doing so in order to determine their IT needs.

Selectman David Swenson agreed that the committee's suggestions sounded "in line with an appropriate system."

Swenson went on to state he was concerned over the loss of activity with the current servers and the amount of "down time" they were causing.

Chairperson Terry Jarvis reminded Roisello they were in the middle of budget season and question if there was a need for monies from the 2014 budget.

Roisello affirmed there would be since they needed new servers and firewall protection very soon.

Roisello informed the board the town would need to work numbers for IT updates into not only the 2014 budget, but the budgets for 2015 and 16 as well.

Swenson told him for the 2014 budget the earlier they got the figures the better.

Roisello stated budget committee member Adam Buehne was already working on the numbers, but was not able to attend this meeting due to a work emergency.

Software search

Equipment mechanic David Valladares presented the board with an update on his search for software. This software would inventory hardware and create cost related reports on equipment.

Valladares stated he found Alton had some they were very happy with and after looking at it he felt it would meet New Durham's needs very well.

When Swenson asked Valladares about the software's capability in customizing reports, Valladares showed the board examples of reports from the software stating they would be able to change the parameters of the reports.

The one-time cost of the software, according to Valladares, is $999 with no annual licensing.

He went on to say he could use it on his current laptop and the software is supported by Windows 7.

Jarvis suggested Valladares get together with Roisello to make sure this software fits into "the bigger plan."

Court prosecution

Jarvis came under attack from Selectman Jeffrey Kratovil regarding an October 2012 vote he and former selectman David Bickford had made, which Kratovil claimed Jarvis disregarded.

The vote was to move court prosecution cost from the legal line in the budget to the police line.

Kratovil stated this motion had passed over a year ago and questioned why court prosecution was now still under legal.

Jarvis claimed the budget committee left it there.

Bickford, who was present at the meeting, stated that "most towns have it under police" and he did not see a reason for not moving it.

He went on to claim Jarvis' lack of follow through on the matter was an "issue of insubordination."

Swenson disagreed with the insubordination claim, but stated there was nothing inhibiting the transfer and, therefore, Jarvis needed to do it.

Jarvis asked Kratovil what he wanted. Did he want her to step down as chair? He stated he did want her resignation, and she gave it.

Swenson, however, told Jarvis to slow down. He stated this discussion was not on the agenda and urged the board to get back onto the business that was on there.

Jarvis eventually relented and took up her duties as chair again.

Renovation bids

Town hall renovation bids were in and the two lower bids were only 70 dollars apart ($11,800 and $11,870). The third bid was $11,000 more ($22,855) than the other two.

The two lower bids were also New Durham residents and the building inspector, Arthur Capello, had said he knew both contractors as very qualified according to Jarvis.

Capello suggested the board go with the lowest bidder.

The board followed Capello's advice and awarded the bid to New Durham resident and contractor Kevin Rouleau.

Unassigned fund

After some debate the board voted unanimously to move $100,000 from the unassigned fund balance to reduce the 2013 tax rate.

There was debate before the motion passed because Kratovil wanted to move $200,000. Jarvis, however, stated she felt the drop in taxes caused by this much money would not be sustainable.

She expressed concern about what that would do to residents' escrow accounts.

The New Durham Board of Selectmen meets next on Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. in the fire station community room.

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