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Ingoldsby, Barrett tops in St. Katharine Drexel races

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

HUDSON INGOLDSBY was the winner of the St. Katharine Drexel 5K on Saturday. Gianina Lindsey - Courtesy Photo. (click for larger version)
September 23, 2013
ALTON — For the second year in a row, St. Katharine Drexel church in Alton was a hub for runners on a Saturday morning in September.

The church hosted a 5K road race for the second year in a row and also added a 10K race for this year's festivities, which took place on Saturday, Sept. 21.

In the inaugural 10K race, Alton's Alan Barrett set the pace, as he finished in 41:44, with Wakefield's Cameron Stinchfield in second place in 43:32.

John Hammond led a group of three Wolfeboro runners in eighth in 50:15, with Katy Peternel in ninth in 50:57 and Judi Lemaire in 10th in 52:14. Justin Rawnsley of Barnstead came home 11th in 54:59, the final runner scoring in under an hour. Betsy Kretchmer of Alton was 12th in 1:02:33, with Melody Pitman of Wolfeboro in 13th in 1:02:53 and Colyn Pineo of Wolfeboro in 15th in 1:04:19. Sheri Hotchkiss of New Durham was 16th in 1:06:18, with Sarah Hotchkiss of New Durham in 17th in 1:08:44 and Christy Pendarvis of Ossipee in 18th in 1:10:50.

In the 5K portion of the race, Alton's Hudson Ingoldsby was the top competitor, finishing in 20:04, with Kara Jacobs of Wolfeboro in second place in 21:09.

Michael McMahon of Alton was fourth in 22:47, with Brittany Rogers of Alton in fifth in 23:04. Trevor Patterson of Wolfeboro was sixth in 23:31 and Barbara Reed of Wolfeboro was seventh in 23:32. Wolfeboro's Crystal Eastman was eighth in 23:38 and Barnstead's Riley McCartney was ninth in 23:43.

Alton's Ben Jones came home 12th in 24:30 and Rick Wehrhan of Sanbornville was 13th in 24:39. Sandra Lynn of Tuftonboro placed 15th in 25:26, with Gary Gosselin of Alton in 16th in 27:16 and Mary Barrett of Alton in 29:07 for 17th place. Patti Cain of Wolfeboro was 18th in 29:17, Becky White of Wolfeboro was 19th in 29:41 and Wendy Ingram of Wolfeboro was 20th in 29:48.

New Durham's Paula Koehler was 21st in 30:06, with Peter Galanis of Wolfeboro in 22nd in 30:57. Nathan Archambault of Alton was 23rd in 32:33 and Pauline Archambault of Alton was 24th in 32:36. Tuftonboro's Michelle Porter finished 25th in 32:41, with Abby Koehler of New Durham in 26th in 33:05. Wolfeboro's Kathy Roseen was 27th in 33:19, with Sylvia Leggett of Alton in 28th in 33:55 and Meghan Fleet of Wolfeboro was 29th in 33:58. Stephen Fleet of Wolfeboro rounded out the top 30th in the same 33:58.

Wolfeboro's Erin Meyer was 31st in 34:05, with Ginger Plache and Sarah Peternel of Wolfeboro finishing 32nd and 33rd in the same 34:06. Deb Tremblay of New Durham was 34th in 34:07 and Nicole Glidden of Alton was 35th in 34:26.

Veronica Rawnsley led a trio of Barnstead runners in 39th in 36:48, with Gilbert Smith in 40th in 37:42 and Colleen Smith in 41st in 37:43. Maggie Kirwan of Wolfeboro was 42nd in 27:57 and Steve Kirwan of Wolfeboro was 43rd in 37:58. Leslie McMahon of Alton was 44th in 38:19 and Mary Ellen Smallidge of Wolfeboro was 45th in 39:01. Amanda Chase of Alton finished in the same time for 46th place. Gayle Gosselin of Alton was 47th in a time of 39:55, with Katie Slock of Alton in 49th in 41:52 and Ken Slock of Alton in 50th in the same time.

Lauren Fleet of Wolfevoro was 52nd in 44:13, with Catherine Campbell of Alton in 53rd in 44:19 and Kelly Rogers of Alton in 54th in 44:36. Mike Burke of Wolfeboro was 55th in 44:37, Lori Kirwan of Wolfeboro was 56th in 44:52 and Vincent Merola of Wolfeboro placed 57th in 45:39. Nicole Rogers of Alton placed 58th in 46:22, Karen Rogers of Alton was 59th in 46:23 and Sabrina Campbell of Wolfeboro was 60th in 47:23.

Alton's Susan Campbell was 61st in 27:29, Mary Ann Schafer of Wolfeboro was 62nd in 47:38, Denise Doran of Wolfeboro was 63rd in 47:50, Andrea Batstone of Wolfeboro was 64th in 47:56 and Wolfeboro's Natalie Campbell was 65th in 49:10. David Campbell of Alton was 66th in 49:15, Margaret Enos of Wolfeboro was 67th in 49:56 and Ted Jednak of Melvin Village placed 68th in 50:23.

Lauris Sailor of New Durham was 70th in 50L34, Maria Szemplinksi of Alton was 72nd and Jack Szemplinksi of Alton was 73rd, both in 54:43. Kathryn Archambault of Alton was 74th in 55:40 and Connie Ruggieri of Wolfeboro was 75th in 55:41. Bob Enos of Wolfeboro was 76th in 55:45 and Richard Schafer of Wolfeboro was 77th in 58:48.

Anne Merola of Wolfeboro was 81st in 1:04.1, with Noreen Pitts of Wolfeboro in 82nd in the same time. Sue McSwain of Wolfeboro rounded out the rest of the local field in 83rd place in 1:04:47.

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