New faces mark the year at Barnstead El

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
January 08, 2013
BARNSTEAD — It was a year of change at Barnstead Elementary School. John Fauci came in later in the year to replace Doctor William Compton as superintendent. But other changes included Misty Lowe transitioning from assistant principal to the director of special education and the hiring of Scott Young as the assistant principal.


Lowe took on the role of interim Director of Special Education during this month. She did this while still holding the position of assistant principal at the same time until a replacement was found for that position.

Later in January, the school board reviewed the 17 warrant articles that would be discussed at the annual district meeting in March.


The school board reviewed the scores from the NECAP test. It was later found that the school didn't meet the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) requirements and qualified as a School in Need of Improvement (SINI).


During the annual school district meeting, a total of 17 articles were acted on by the citizens in town. The articles dealt with various budgetary issues and establishment of capital reserve funds that support the school system.

The school board approved hiring Young as the new assistant principal.

No changes were made during the school board re-organization, as Diane Beijer remained the chair and Eunice Landry remained the vice-chair.

Late in the month, the school board approved hiring Fauci as the new superintendent.


The NECAP scores were reviewed by the school board and Principal Tim Rice explained that the school didn't make AYP as a result of low scores in the sub-groups. Young was introduced as the new assistant principal.

Tobi Chassie came before the board and gave a report on the special education at BES. She presented recommendations of how to improve the program at BES.


Rice talked about the challenges of being a SINI and all the paperwork and extra training that will need to conducted to meet the requirements by the state.


The eighth-grade graduation was held on June 15, as students were honored who were moving forward to study at Prospect Mountain High School.

Board member Shawn White informed the board of his plans to resign from the school board at the end of the month.


Fauci took over for Compton as the school superintendent. Fauci is also a superintendent in the Gilmanton school district.

The school board approved the application of Keith Couch to take over for White, who had decided to step down earlier in June.

As a result of Fauci's appointment to the position of superintendent, the school board chose to change their meeting schedule to meet once a month, on a the fourth Tuesday of every month.


During the August meeting, Fauci and Rice talked about the challenges of improving the school curriculum and hiring a consultant to assess the current curriculum.

Fauci talked about the need to update the fire alarm system in the school, as recommended by the fire chief.


The school board approved changing the trays in the cafeteria from Styrofoam to plastic trays that would be washed every day.

The recommendation was made by Stacey Dearborn, the new food service director at BES.

Rice reviewed the science test scores from the fourth and eighth grade students. Rice reported that the fourth grade scores were above average, but that the eighth grade scores were underperforming.


The board approved updating several school board policies during its meeting in October, including an update to the special education program, which hadn't been updated in several years.

Young reported that the discipline numbers at BES had started to down and discipline issues on the busses had also decreased.


Fauci provided the school board with a presentation on how the population numbers in New Hampshire have changed in the last couple of years. The student population throughout the state has declined over the last 10 years.

The school board approved hiring Kerri Doyle as the new school nurse.

The board approved using a Blizzard Bag program on snow days to try and make up school days. The program would require 80 percent of the students to participate in order for the program to be a success.


The school board opened its meeting in December with thoughts on the unfortunate event in Newtown, Conn. Rice talked about meeting that was held where parents stated safety concerns.

The boar approved creating a Space Needs Committee to look at different issues affecting the school and having classroom space for the student population.

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