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Board discusses possible house purchase

Selectmen also discuss water leak

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
November 20, 2012
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Board of Selectmen discussed a proposal by Barnstead Historical Society to purchase a piece of property and the well and water issue with the Center Barnstead Christian Church during its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Roger Nelson, the director of the historical society, and Ken and Sandy Burt came before the selectmen to discus purchasing a house that abuts the Barnstead Town Hall.

Ken Burt is the co-chair of future planning in town and his wife Sandy Burt is the former past president of the historical society.

The group explained that they have more than $40,000 stored in a capital reserve. If the building was purchased, it could be used to house additional office space for town officials, storing historical documents and artifacts and creating a museum to display the history of Barnstead.

There isn't an estimated cost of renovating the building and bringing it up to town specifications and the selectmen agreed that a walkthrough of the building with the building inspector and several members of the board of selectmen would be a good first step.

Several items that would need to be added would include sprinklers and a handicapped access ramp.

Ken Burt said the historical society is eager to kick off some fundraising campaigns if a decision is made to purchase the building.

The board discussed with Police Chief Ken Borgia the status of a police car that was involved in an accident on Nov. 5.

Borgia reported that the car is totaled, and that the department is in the process of removing the radio equipment from the vehicle.

There was a lengthy discussion between the board, Pastor Brian Grower of the Center Barnstead Christian Church and Jim Fegley, a plumber, about the issues with the water to the church.

There is a leak in the system. Currently the water serves the Barnstead Town Hall to the Oscar Foss Memorial Library and the church.

But the location of the leak is unknown, and Fegley said attempts to locate the leak have been unsuccessful so far.

The electric bill for the town has been going up as the pumps have had to be running on extra to feed the library and the church.

Many ideas on how to fix the leak were thrown around, and there was a discussion about installing new lines.

One big hurdle with dealing with the current system is that there are no drawings of where the plumbing is located.

The selectmen and members of the public agreed that there should be drawings of the water system on file with the town.

Member Jim Barnard suggested that former Fire Chief Rusty Krause attend a meeting between the fire department, the police department and the county sheriff regarding radio communications.

Krause reported that there have been problems with communications within the departments and the location of a repeater in town isn't actually a repeater and suggested using a microwave to improve communications in the town.

The selectmen went into a non-public session to discuss applications that they received for the vacant positions on the highway department.

The Barnstead Board of Selectmen meet every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Barnstead Town Hall.

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