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Vince appointed as Barnstead selectman

October 16, 2012
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Board of Selectmen met Oct.9 and opened the meeting by appointing resident Paul Vince to the board. The select board has been operating with only four members since Bob LaRoche resigned back in July. The board stated that they felt it important to appoint a fifth selectmen before the upcoming budget season. Chairman David Kerr swore Vince in and he then took his place at the table with the other selectmen.

The board then met with Officer Dave Scott concerning the need for an Animal Control Officer in the town. Scott stated that he currently works three part-time jobs and that for him to consider the position of ACO he would require 18 hours a week as ACO, and maintain the 16 he currently works as a police officer for the town. The board discussed how many hours the town had allotted for the previous ACO and could not recall the exact amount, but agreed that it was less than 18. Scott agreed that it probably was less, but stated that in order for him to quit his other two part-time jobs, he would need 18 hours as an ACO to make it feasible. Scott told the selectmen that he understands the board's budget concerns, but wanted to be clear about what he would require if he were to be considered. The board spent a few more minutes discussing the matter and then agreed that they need to research the matter more and would address their findings with Scott at the next selectmen's meeting.

The board then met with resident B. Drescher to discuss concerns that have recently been raised concerning the HVAC system at the Barnstead library. Drescher works for the company that currently services the system and volunteered his time and expertise to explain to the selectmen what the concerns are and answer any of their questions. Drescher explained that the HVAC system at the library is becoming obsolete and that the system's communications to address problems remotely is no longer functioning. Parts for the system are no longer being made, or are becoming hard to find, and expensive due to the situation. Drescher further explained that it has become an industry standard that after 10 or 15 years, the municipal HVAC systems are made obsolete by design. Drescher stated several times that this practice is, "hard to get away from." Drescher informed the board that the HVAC system is currently functioning, but that repairs in the future could become problematic. The board discussed with Drescher, several topics, including, manual mechanical controls, system efficiency and system replacement at length. The board thanked Drescher for his time and knowledge and agreed to discuss the matter more during budget season.

Road Agent Chris Carazzo came before the board to review the 2013 budget for the Highway Department. The selectmen and Carazzo proceeded to review the budget line by line, with Carazzo providing details and explanation. The review was a lengthy process, with many numbers and questions being discussed. The public in attendance and the paper were not provided the details of the budget review. During the discussion, Carazzo stated that the current grader is 26 year old and that he would like to see a warrant article asking the town for a new grader with a median price of around $285,000. Carazzo summarized the budget by stating that the budget for 2013 is $29,186 more than last year and that the increase can be found in the areas of raises, uniforms, dumpster fees, bridge maintenance and computer software that he is asking for.

The Barnstead Board of Selectmen meets every Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall.

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