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Webb steps down

New Durham's administrator heads to Dover

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider

ALISON WEBB (left) worked together with Selectwoman Terry Jarvis (right) over the past two years during her time as the Town Administrator in New Durham. Webb recently took a job as a city manager in Dover and celebrated her last day working in New Durham and was showered by gifts, hugs and well wishes on Monday, Oct. 1. Tim Croes. (click for larger version)
October 02, 2012
NEW DURHAM — The New Durham Town Hall won't be the same.

Alison Webb has been the town administrator for more than two years, but she recently made the decision to take a position with the city of Dover as the human resources director.

And judging by the bag of gifts that she had piled in front of her during her last day on Monday, Oct. 1, the Town Hall won't be the same without her.

Selectwoman Terry Jarvis took Webb under her wing when she started as the part-time town administrator in May of 2010.

Jarvis knows that the town will miss Webb and all she has done for the town.

"New Durham's loss is definitely Dover's gain," Jarvis said about Webb's departure.

Webb was still finishing up her Master's of Public Administration at the University of New Hampshire at the time she was hired in New Durham.

But she made a connection through a fellowship and through the Municipal Manager's Association.

Webb was actually not hired by the town, as she was a contract employee who works for Municipal Resources, Inc. in Meredith. This allows the town of New Durham to find competent organized staff members and going through MRI, the town isn't required to provide benefits to the contractor.

Webb received her undergraduate degree from the State University of New York in Albany.

She is definitely going to miss the relationships she built over the years.

"I am probably going to miss the people that I work with," Webb said. "I've been fed very well with the lunches I've had."

Webb recalled doing New Durham Dancing with the stars, coaching youth soccer and jumping into the Merry-meeting Lake for the Flamingo swim.

One of Webb's most proud moments was working together with Kellie Chase, the director of parks and recreation, and making the 250th celebration a day for the ages.

On making the decision to leave New Durham and go to Dover, where she resides, Webb was split.

"It was difficult, but it was easy," Webb said. "It's nice to work in the community that I live in and that's what I'll be able to do in Dover."

Webb definitely feels a close kinship to the town of New Durham and said she probably wouldn't realize what she would be missing until it is gone.

"It's tough leaving right before budget season," Webb said. "But then again there never really is a good day to leave."

Webb was surprised on her last day with a surprise party, which was coordinated by several people in the Town Hall.

One more memory that stuck out in Webb's mind was her involvement in teaching little girls to act like a princess.

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