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Wells, parking concerns keep Barnstead board busy

August 29, 2012
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Board of Selectmen met on Aug. 21 and conferred with resident Joyce Parsons for an appointment regarding plans for the wells that supply water to the town buildings and the Center Barnstead Christian Church.

Parsons expressed to the board the importance of performing water tests, and routinely checking the wells belonging to the town. Parsons also felt that performing the tests would be much more cost effective than deeming a particular well, "bad," and simply drilling another one. The board was receptive to Parson's input and agreed to enlist the town health code officer to perform the tests on each building. Parsons also added that after a baseline test had been performed, it would be a good practice to leave a log, containing the results, so that the next time the water was tested, the person administering the test would know if there had been any discernable changes. After a period of discussion, the board thanked Parsons for her time, input and expertise.

The board brought up the town's, "No Parking Ordinance," to discuss changes and verbiage. They addressed a particular incident involving a tractor-trailer that has been parking along the side of North Barnstead Road for several days at a time. The board discussed where signs should be placed and on which side of the road. The question was raised, "will this involve some type of fine?" The answer was yes, with Selectman Jim Barnard adding, "The idea is to make the ordinance enforceable."

The board had received two letters from residents concerning speeding watercraft on the Suncook River. After a brief discussion, the board decided to turn the matter over to the Marine Patrol, as the river is under that group's jurisdiction.

The Parks and Recreation Department informed the board that the ailing and defunct Zamboni had been picked up and removed for scrap metal. There have been many discussions regarding the Zamboni and the board was joyous regarding the news of its departure.

The board discussed the radio tower on Hartshorn Road. Rusty Krause has been doing research for a new repeater that would help to improve radio communications within the town. Barnard stated that he has spoken with Krause regarding grants that may be available. Barnard relayed that Krause agreed that looking into the grant would be a good idea.

Chairman David Kerr addressed concerns regarding the upcoming budget season with selectmen's secretary Karen Montgomery. Montgomery stated that she is putting together requests for the various departments to begin preparing their budgets for the upcoming season. The selectmen are concerned with the departments making their deadlines so that the selectmen have adequate time to carefully review each budget.

Barnard made a motion to approve the Snow and Ice Removal Policy, but before a second could be made, Montgomery informed the board that the road agent was still reviewing the policy. Montgomery suggested that the policy be placed on the agenda for an upcoming meeting to allow the road agent time to finish reviewing the policy and make any changes he feels are necessary.

The board held a brief discussion regarding town job descriptions, Barnard made a motion to accept the job descriptions upon recommended changes being adopted. Priscilla Tiede seconded the motion and it was passed by unanimous decision.

The Barnstead Board of Selectmen meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall.

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