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Drew Tuttle bests the field in Old Home Day 5K

Judy Copley of North Easton, Mass. is the top female runner

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

ALI ROGERS (389), Brittany Rogers (390), Olivia Imbrescia (345) and Maureen Imbrescia (344) leave the starting line of Saturday's Old Home Day 5K in Alton. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
August 13, 2012
ALTON — The forecast called for rain, but that didn't deter more than 200 runners from descending on Alton for the Old Home Day 5K on Saturday morning.

And Mother Nature held off with the rain, presenting decent temperatures at the start of the race, though things got a bit warmer as the race ran along.

When all was said and done, Prospect Mountain High School cross country star Drew Tuttle took the top honors, as he raced to a time of 17:25 to capture the win. Britton Copley of North Easton, Mass. was second in 18:13 and Ryan Lafrance of Gilford came home third in 18:19.

Among women, Judy Copley of North Easton, Mass. was the first place finisher, crossing in 22:19, which placed her 16th overall. Cassie Wesner of Canton, Mass. was just 11 seconds behind in 22:30 for 17th place and Michelle Deroche of Alton rounded out the top three women with her 18th place finish in 22:32.

Local runners captured spots four through eight, with Jack LaFreniere of Alton finishing fourth in 18:59, Prospect Mountain cross country and track coach John Tuttle of Alton finishing fifth in 19:15, Cody Symonds of Alton taking sixth in 19:51, Alton's Alan Barrett running to seventh in 19:57 and Shane McCartney of Barnstead finishing eighth in 20:23.

Ossipee's Stephen Beaupre rounded out the top 10 with a time of 20:46, with Dylan Tuttle of Alton in 11th place in 21:14. Hudson Ingoldsby of Alton was 16th in 22:05, winning the 14 and under age group, with Katie Holmberg of Alton taking 19th in 22:39. Christine Hyde of New Durham was 21st in 22:48 and Kris Howlett of Barnstead crossed in 22:57 for 26th place, good for first in her age group. Nolan Sykes of Alton was 29th overall in 23:22.

Paula Holmberg of Alton ran to 32nd place in 23:55 and Joe Blouin of Alton finished 34th in 23:57. Ezra Bickford of New Durham took 40th place in 24:23 and Judi Lemaire of Wolfeboro won her age group in 24:46, placing her 43rd overall. Sandra Woehr-Blouin of Alton was 44th in 24:47 and Ali Rogers of Alton finished 46th in 24:50. Alex Casale of Alton placed 48th in 24:57 and Paul Allard of New Durham rounded out the top 50 with a time of 25:11.

Sam Reynolds of Alton took home 54th place in 25:27, with Brittany Rogers of Alton finishing in 56th place in 25:30. Colleen Smith of Barnstead finished 61st in 25:49 and Phoebe VanScoy-Giessler of Mirror Lake took 63rd place in 26;08. Dawnmarie Brennan of Alton was 65th in 26:15.

Alton's Dave Ferruccio finished 71st in 26:50, followed by Shawn Thomas, also of Alton in a time of 26:51. Dorene Pelton of Alton finished 76th in 27:07 and Amie Cloos of Wolfeboro clocked in at 27:33 for 81st place. New Durham's Rocco Bishop was 84th in 27:50 and Sanbornville's Mariellen Howard was one spot behind in 27:54. Stephanie McEvoy of New Durham finished 86th in 28:01 and Bob Haverty of Alton was 88th in 28:07. Alton's Connor Blandini finished 92nd in 28:16 and Jeremy Sprince of Wolfeboro finished 94th in 28:23. Julie Sprince of Wolfeboro was one spot behind in 28:31 and Hannah Deroche of Alton finished 96th in 28:36. William McKellar of Alton was 97th in 28:39 and Signe Therrien of Alton rounded out the first 100 runners with a time of 28:45.

Christina Downey of New Durham finished 101st in 28:46, with Mackenzie Burke of Alton leading a group of four Alton runners all in a row in 28:47 for 103rd place. Emelie Morton finished in 28:53, Stephen Wallace crossed in 28:53 as well and Nathan Archambault finished in 28:58. Alton's Caila Kantar finished 108th in 29:09 and Celeste Chasse of New Durham finished 110th in 29:17. Alton's Drew Ingoldsby was 11th in 29:18, followed by Alton runners Clinton Lagace (29:30), James Lagace (29:32) and Kristi Hikel (29:34). Corrina Chasse of New Durham was 115th in 29:38 and David Sykes of Alton finished 116th in 29:41. Carole Rocha of Alton crossed in 29:45 for 117th place.

Alton's Betsy Kretchmer (119th, 29:55), New Durham's Austin Chasse (121st, 30:24), New Durham's Logan McEvoy (123rd, 30:53) and Alton's Lucas Therrien (124th, 30:55) all finished in the top 125, followed by Mary Barrett of Alton in 126th place in 31:02. Amy Mitchell of Alton finished 128th in 31:30 and Charlene Burke of Alton was 133rd in 31:35. Robert Hotchkiss of New Durham finished 135th in 31:45, with Baysider reporter Tim Croes of Alton in 136th in 31:47. Sheri Hotchkiss of New Durham was 137th in 31:49 and Patti Cain of Wolfeboro clocked in at 31:55 for 138th place, just ahead of Christine Hicks of New Durham, who finished in 32:09 for 139th.

Jessica Perkins of Alton (141st, 32:31), Shelby Therrien of Alton (145th, 33:04), Sarah Hotchkiss of New Durham (146th, 33:06), Kayla McEvoy of New Durham (147th, 33:07) and Connor Lagace of Alton (149th, 33:20) all finished in the top 150. Rich and Michele Capen of Barnstead finished in 152nd and 153rd in 33:51 and 33:52, respectively. Linda Mitchell of Alton was 154th in 33:53. Wolfeboro's Melody Pitman finished 159th in 34:10 and Colyn Pineo, also of Wolfeboro, placed 160th in 34:19. Beatrice Guzman of New Durham ran to 163rd place in 34:28 and Robin McClain of New Durham was 164th in 34:33.

Alton's Mark Therrien was 166th in 35:07, followed by Sylvia Leggett of Alton in 168th place in 35:15 and Sarah Harris of Alton in 169th place in 35:16. Malory Reynolds of Alton finished 171st in 35:57 and Tobey Reynolds of Alton was 172nd in 35:57. Barnstead's Chantell Wheeler finished 177th in 36:29 and Alton's Gabriela D'Empaire-Poirier was 180th in 37:20. Anna Deroche of Alton finished 181st in 37:36 and Alfred Poirier of Alton was 182nd in 37:40. Samantha Hotchkiss of New Durham finished 190th in 39:44, with Cathy Garland of New Durham in 192nd in 40:16. Marcia Nelson of Alton was 197th in 42:18 and was the top female runner in the 70 and over age group. Jordan Ingoldsby of Alton was 198th in 42:42, with Cameron Lagace of Alton in 44:20 for 202nd place. Katharine Lagace of Alton finished 204th in 44:45 and Donna Woodward of New Durham placed 205th in 45:35. Brook Leone of Alton was 217th in 217th place.

Among walkers, Luke Deroche of Alton was first in 44:02, followed by Robert Deroche of Alton in 44:08 and Kathryn Archambault of Alton in 44:27. Kelly Bilodeau of New Durham was seventh in 53:40, Zoe-Jane Ranson of Alton was ninth in 1:03:06 and Anna Ransom of Alton was 10th in 1:03:07.

Complete results for the race can be found at www.coolrunning.com.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at sportsgsn@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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