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Master Plan plans making progress

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
August 08, 2012
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Planning Board received an update on the Master Plan Committee by meeting with its chairman on Thursday, Aug. 2.

David Brown, the chairman of the Master Plan Committee, informed the board about the plan to get a survey out to the people by working with the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.

Brown said the cost for the survey is just over $5,500 and the committee and survey center are working on developing 35 close-ended questions and four open-ended questions.

Brown said that the point of the survey is to get the will of the people and see what they want to do.

Member Andy Houle asked how many years the plan would project out, and Brown said he wasn't sure and after looking at the survey answers on what the citizens want done, that will be provided.

Road Agent Chris Carazzo, an alternate on the board, stressed the importance of the Master Plan and answers to the survey.

"I need direction from the people from this town," Carazzo said. "Answers to questions help build the Master Plan for the future."

Vice-chairman Clarke Goodrich asked what the timetable for the getting the update finished was and Brown said the committee is moving slow.

"We are making satisfactory progress," Brown said. "We have a diverse group with a lot of different opinions."

Member Michael Kowalski said it was originally planned to have the update finished by the end of the year, but the timetable has changed.

Kowalski talked about the Capital Improvement Plan and said he plans on reaching out to the remaining town departments after already receiving a list from the fire department.

Carazzo suggested meeting with the selectmen before creating an updated CIP.

Kowalski and David Kerr, the selectmen's representative, talked about the process and if it should be changed.

Kowalski said that he is simply a facilitator and that the CIP goes to the selectmen and then to the budget committee.

Kerr agreed that the process should stay the same, and Carazzo suggested improved communication could help improve the process.

The board discussed adding the language for cell towers and commercial towers to the non-residential site plan regulations, and the board agreed that language should include references to state RSA that pertains to each issue.

A question was raised about the cell tower in town, which only has one carrier on it, AT&T. Houle said that it would be up to Verizon to add itself as a carrier on the tower.

A public hearing will be held on the near future regarding the changes to non-residential site plan regulations.

The board discussed bringing back proposed changes to the sign ordinance that failed at the town meeting in 2010.

Houle suggested some changes to the ordinance and pointed out that an inventory of the current signs needs to be taken.

Kowalski suggested that Houle and member Kathy Preston form a committee to re-write the ordinance.

Citizen Vinnie Lupoli was also asked to work on the committee and said he would be happy to do so.

Dorothy Polichronopoulos came before the board for a conceptual consultation for her property located at 24 West Huntress Pond Road.

Steven Kosusko, a surveyor, spoke on her behalf and explained that she was looking to transfer a small amount of land to three properties located across the street.

Kosusko asked if it would need to be a subdivision or a lot line adjustment, and Polichronopoulos pointed out she owned the road in question.

Polichronopoulos said the reason she wanted to do the lot line adjustment was to help the property owners across the street protect their frontage.

Kosusko asked for waivers on a required boundary survey, topography and wetlands and was told that they wouldn't be needed.

The board announced that a public hearing will be held on Monday, Aug. 20, by the Zoning Board of Adjustment at 7 p.m. regarding a handicapped ramp and request for an equitable waiver.

Chairman Nancy Carr reported that there is more than nearly $26,000 left in the planning board's budget, with more than $10,000 for the Master Plan, and that members should look out training opportunities in the near future.

Member Dave Murley said he received a call from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation regarding historical facts about White Oak Road and Peacham Road, with the DOT project hearing coming up in the near future.

The board approved the minutes from the July 5 and July 19 meetings, with several changes suggested by Kowalski to clear up his feelings on different topics displayed in the minutes.

The next scheduled meeting of the Barnstead Planning Board is Thursday, Aug. 16, at 7 p.m. at the Barnstead Town Hall.

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