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Flight Deck gets approval to reopen

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
July 10, 2012
NEW DURHAM — The New Durham Planning Board reviewed conditions precedent for a site plan application during its meeting on Tuesday, June 26.

The board reviewed the status of the conditions precedent for final approval of site plan application submitted by Pat Donahoe to reopen the Flight Deck facility as a gas station and convenience store.

Art Capello, the building inspector and code enforcement officer, distributed written feedback that stated that all conditions precedent had been met.

The board unanimously approved the site plan application for the business to reopen, which is located at 364 Route 11.

Review of the minutes from May 15 were tabled until Chair Scott Drummey had a chance to review the tapes of the meeting.

The minutes from the June 5 meeting were reviewed, two minor typos were corrected the board approved minutes.

David Bickford, the selectmen's representative, reported on a conversation he had with Bob Houseman, the Director of Planning and Development for Wolfeboro. Houseman is interested in meeting with the planning board, but he has many time constraints and scheduling conflicts during the summer months.

Bickford has forwarded his conversation to Dave Allen and asked him to pursue scheduling a meeting.

The next scheduled meeting of the New Durham Planning Board is on Tuesday, July 17, at 7 p.m. at the New Durham Library.

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