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Local schools host residency by acclaimed children's author

RUMNEY During his presidency, Barak Obama and the Library of Congress both declared Patricia Polacco to be one of the Top 10 children's authors of the past 100 years, and last week, elementary and middle school students in the Pemi-Baker School District were privileged to not only have her visit them to read some of the 115-plus books she has written, but to hear her messages for them as well....more>

Wentworth students show off their talents

WENTWORTH When talent, determination and hard work come together, it can bring great things, and on April 18, the Fourth Annual Wentworth Community Variety Show had all those elements, making the evening a big success....more>

Plymouth Elementary goes green!

Students partake in full day of awareness activities

PLYMOUTH — Going green has been a theme embraced by the Plymouth Elementary School community the past two years. In celebration of Earth Day and their commitment to environmental and ecological awareness, students engaged in a full-day of GO GREEN activities last Friday....more>
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