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Selectmen withhold support for veteran transitional housing project

OSSIPEE — Back in August 2012 American Legion Post 46 commander Larry Ayres and Madison building contractor Adam Mitchell presented a proposal to the Carroll County commissioners to renovate the vacant county nursing home into a shelter for homeless people, and specifically veterans, from around New Hampshire. ...more>

Private" issues dominate commissioner's meeting of July 22nd

OSSIPEE — The lion's share of the Carroll County Commissioner's July 22nd meeting was devoted to a "non-meeting" session and a "non-public" session, relegating this reporter, the videographer John Ruckenbrod, and the recording secretary, Melissa Seamans, to the hallway for the better part of three hours. ...more>

Carroll County Attorney's office struggles to retain staff

OSSIPEE — The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office has sent two Assistant Attorneys General to the aid of the Carroll County Attorney's office at the request of County Attorney Tom Dewhurst. Since Dewhurst began his term on Jan. 1 this year, four staffers, including three prosecuting attorneys, have left, two within two days of each other on July 23 and 24. ...more>

Larry Legend

WAKEFIELD — If there's one story that defines how dedicated Larry Lavertue is to his baseball team and how much his team appreciates him, it probably happened near the end of last year's Babe Ruth baseball season. Lavertue, who has been the Wakefield Babe Ruth coach for the past 25 years (with one exception), used his vacation time from his job so he could be with his team in the district tournament in Littleton....more>

Collaboration by local agencies rescues 64 animals from abuse

OSSIPEE — In just two short weeks, 56 dogs and eight cats have landed on their paws in canine and feline heaven and probably can't believe their furry little eyes. In a rescue mission that probably would have made the Marines proud, a collaboration of local nonprofit organizations and law enforcement agencies whisked the animals out of deplorable conditions at the Sweet Paws Inn...more>

Duncan Lake beach eroded in flash flood

OSSIPEE — Last Sunday night's torrential storm caused considerable erosion damage to the Ossipee town beach on Duncan Lake and, according to local resident Julie Rosiak, this is an on-going dilemma. Expressing frustration, Rosiak came before the selectmen to request they put together a long-term plan that would permanently address the erosion problem,...more>

Kenneth Robischaud introduced as new Carroll County administrator

OSSIPEE — The highlight of the July 15th meeting of the Carroll County Commissioners was the introduction of Kenneth Robichaud as the new county administrator. Although all department heads were not in attendance, and Robichaud hasn't officially begun his duties, he attended the meeting and stated he was "excited" to ssume his new position on July 27th....more>
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