The sweet sounds of harmony returning to Alton

Barbershop jamboree returning in 2015

ALTON — They may have bid Irene good night, but it looks like she'll be back for another verse. The Alton Bay Barbershop Jamboree is officially inked in as part of 2015's Alton Old Home Day week long celebration for what will be the songfest's 55th year. The event, popular not only with the community but with choruses that hail from Rhode Island to Nova Scotia and Vermont to Montreal and beyond, is a standout from other barbershop concerts....more>

Big Bad Bob battles on home turf

Robotics team hosts first Battle of the Bay

ALTON — Last school year the Prospect Mountain robotics team took its robot, Big Bad Bob, all the way to St. Louis. This past Saturday, the trip was a little bit shorter. The team hosted its first-ever match in the gym at the high school on Saturday, with 26 robots from 21 schools throughout New England coming to compete. Anyone walking into the gym at the high school on Saturday expecting to see the usual competitions that take place on the floor would've been quite surprised....more>

Prospect Mountain celebrates fall sports season

ALTON — After a season that brought the school its first soccer state championship, the Prospect Mountain community celebrated the fall sports accomplishments on Thursday, Nov. 13. The Division III boys' soccer state champions were honored at the ceremony and many awards were passed out. The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association Sportsmanship Awards are presented to two players on each team....more>
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