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Shooting leaves two dead in Alton

11-year-old suspect in custody

ALTON — An 11-year-old has been taken into custody, allegedly as a result of a double homicide that occurred last Friday....more>

SB 2 goes down to defeat in Barnstead

Voters have their say in numerous local races

REGION — There were plenty of races and issues that came up on the ballots across the local communities last week. One of the biggest issues on the ballot was in Barnstead, where voters had to choose whether or not to switch from the Town Meeting form of government to the SB2 form (which is used by Alton and New Durham). ...more>

Vote for new Alton Central School mascot name

ALTON — During the last several months, research has been done by a town/school committee regarding Alton history in an effort to present new mascot names for Alton Central School. The committee has rested on three possibilities and would like input from the town. ...more>
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